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Get Profitable ROAS from Your TikTok Ads or You Don’t Pay...

Get the exact Plug-n-Play UGC TikTok Playbook
We’re Using to Generate $5 Million Ecom Sales per Month

We work with the best:

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Unlocking Tiktok Ads is like a
“Cheat Code” for scaling.

If you’re a brand owner or founder - you’re not late.

You’re still early to TikTok.

But most brands are doing TikTok completely wrong.

It’s an even playing field.

Meaning even if small brands, can unlock profitability early, they skyrocket past competition, hit your highest revenue numbers ever:

Lower CPAs: Lower CPMs & Cost-per-Clicks than other platforms.

TikTok Shop: Minimizes friction & increases conversion.

Higher ROAS: Unlock high ROAS potential on a new ad platform.

New Algorithm: Powerful AI optimizes your campaigns for you.

Lower Competition: Your competition probably hasn’t got ads working yet.

UGC iPhone Videos: Simple 7-second creatives are winning, making it easier to launch.

Impulse Buyers: Cheaper cost CPMs & Clicks than other platforms.

Organic Virality: Repurpose winning ads into organic content & reach 10,000 viewers - free

90% of Brands are
Doing TikTok Completely Wrong.

TikTok isn’t Facebok.

It’s not Google. And it’s why 90% of brands (or agency) who try the old outdated tactics that are working on other platform can’t find profitability & scale.

TikTok is a different animal. Users are there to be educated & entertained -
not sold to.

Which is why you need a system for reverse-engineering what’s already going viral, attaching it to your product & using the TikTok algorithm to find you profitable audiences and scale.

...or TikTok won’t work for you.

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Our Team Has Generated $10M+ on TikTok for the Top Brands Online:

At Our Award-Winning Agency - we are currently working with leading 8 & 9-figure international brands to unlock TikTok ads and scale them. Since TikToks inception we have produced over 1,000 creatives & generated millions in sales for our clients.

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Brands Come To Us Saying “TikTok Ads Don’t Work for Us”.

We Prove Them Wrong in the first 7 Days:

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We achieved 5x ROAS with TikTok Ads, boasting a 3.70% CVR (Clicks), and successfully maintained a CPA of 14.60 USD.

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We Helped Peace Collective Achieve Revenue Growth They Had Always Dreamed Of! They Had Been Burned By Countless Agencies And Were Struggling To Scale.


We Helped This Pet Brand Generate £50k In Sales In Less Than 3 Weeks Of Launching Our System On TikTok - 3.89x ROAS!


We Research & Reverse-Engineer “TikTok Trends” into UGC Ad Creative & Let The Algorithm Scale us to $100k+/month... Profitably

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Sales exceeding 130,000 euros with a striking 26% thumbstop ratio.

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Nearly 140,000 euros in sales, showcasing the ad success.

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Over a thousand shop conversions alongside a 21% thumbstop ratio

Now, for the first time ever...

Take Our Monthly “Viral Trends” & Our Entire TikTok Ad System to Launch 4 ROAS Ads Out of the Gate

No matter your budget or what product you’re selling...

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The first-of-it’s-kind online program where our team will work with you to create, launch & scale profitable TikTok ads for your e-commerce store in just 7 days.

Follow This Process to Ship Winning Ad Creative in 7 Days & Scale Your Ad Account to $100k+/month

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What's Inside:

Need proof?

We’ve Tested & Proven this System on 100+ Leading Ecomm Brands

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Apply Today & Get $7,000+ of Bonus Products & Support, Free:


Monthly Trend Reports

Stay ahead in the TikTok game with our exclusive monthly trend reports. These reports will provide you with the latest insights and trending content on TikTok, ensuring your ads are always fresh and relevant.

Swipe Files

Access a rich collection of proven ad templates and frameworks. These swipe files are your shortcut to creating high-performing TikTok ads quickly and efficiently.

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Creator Outreach Scripts & Templates

Simplify your collaboration with content creators using our ready-to-use outreach scripts and templates. These tools make it easier to connect with the right creators and get your content produced effortlessly.

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Private Mastermind Community

Join an exclusive community of like-minded brand owners and marketers. This private group is a space for sharing strategies, getting feedback, and networking with peers.


Weekly Live Calls

Participate in weekly live calls where you can get direct support, have your questions answered, and learn from the experiences of others in the program.

Guarantee: Results or Your Money Back

Because we're so confident this program will work for you, if you go through the program, launch ads following our framework and you aren't happy with the result - you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

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Get Our Entire TikTok Ad Playbook to 8 & 9-Figure Brands Are Using to Scale in 2024

TikTok ROAS Course

Monthly Trend Reports

Swipe Files

Creator Outreach Scripts & Templates

Private Mastermind Community

Weekly Live Calls

Book Your Free Strategy Call Below

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Get the Exact System & Tools We’re Using to
Generate $100k/mo from TikTok:

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We helped We Are Wild dramatically increase their TikTok spend across multiple regions. Allowing to successfully spend multi-5 figures per day within KPIs.

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For The Oodie, We managed to replicate this traction in the much smaller NZ market, scaling to over $5k per day in spend with similar in platform and CPA metrics.

Group 148

The Essence Vault recorded consistent record months from May 2022 to a peak of £3.5m in November.

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